Ziya and Rekha are best friends. Both are very happy to see each other after a long time in a party. When both best friends were telling each other about their experiences regarding newly married life, Rekha seemed to be little upset. Ziya was very intelligent and clever since childhood but Rekha was kind and emotional. Rekha told Ziya about her husband and in-laws that how her mother-in-law and sister-in-laws act differently infront of her husband and put her into trouble.

“They act very kind and generous infront of my husband but are very wicked inside.”

Ziya- “Why didn’t you tell your hubby?”

Rekha- “He always praises them and they act accordingly infront of him and put me down. He loves me but says I have lots to learn. I don’t know what to do?”

Ziya- ” Let them act good and you don’t put any effort to prove anything if he doesn’t listen to you. As much as you don’t interfere and let them act nice, they will put more effort to be nice and nicer. And their batteries will go down fast. How long can one act out of their character?”

Rekha- “You don’t know them dear. They are very cunning. Just to prove themselves right and nice, they will do everything to grab his attention and show they are more caring, loving, kind, intelligent and perfect and I am nothing infront of them. They can act nice every day, every time and whole life to put me down and make feel less.”

Ziya- “If they act nice whole life and take care of him, that’s a great thing. If one does something for a long time, their behavior will ultimately change. They will become nice people ultimately. You should be happy because of you, they will get on track.”

Rekha- “I do everything for him; cook, clean and take care of every small thing. And they are ready to take the credit.”

Ziya-” Don’t do everything so whole heartedly then. Relax. For time being, just accept that they are nice and they are doing everything. At least pretend like you agree with their work and are thankful.”

Rekha- “It hurts Ziya.”

Ziya- “When you do it knowingly, it will hurt less and it’s better to end the game than loose it every day for life time. Afterall, you also need peace and harmony in your life.”

Rekha- “I understand. My emotional and soft nature has always been proved to be a curse for me.”

Ziya- “Not at all. You are a gem of a person. You have a golden heart. Do as I said. Let them look after him for sometime, don’t interfere. Will they scold you for being a little carefree?”

Rekha- “No, they won’t say anything. But they will make him say.”

Ziya- “Perfect!! You are already an average person according to them. So just watch the game and enjoy. Do basics and leave the rest. Rather care for yourself. Keep in touch and I will guide you.”

Rekha- “I want to live happily with them and don’t want to divide the family.”

Ziya- “It’s not you dear. Even if the family will be separated, their wickedness would be the reason.”

Rekha- “I am worried Ziya. Why all of these happened to me?”

Ziya-  “Rekha, bad people will always make a group to put down good people. I don’t know if it’s just your in-law’s insecurity towards loosing his love grip or the reason is something else. But no matter what is the reason, one thing is confirmed that you have not done any wrong to them. So you should not be put into trouble.”

Rekha- “Maybe it’s my destiny.”

Ziya- “No dear, it’s not that. You have to learn to solve it tactfully. You are an educated and decent girl. I tell you, let them be in the lime light and you keep quiet for sometime. As long as you are in the lime light and worried, they will enjoy doing all the nonsense. But once you shift your focus and priorities to yourself and keep calm, they will soon lose their interest in troubling you. They will be in the lime light and no one can act different than their character for a long time; their batteries will be down. I know Rekha, its easy said than done. But you must take a step.”

Rekha- “Ziya, I am feeling really well talking to you. It’s a different kind of relief and confidence to know someone is with you. Thanks for caring for me so much. When there is no one behind you to guide and support you, it’s really tough Ziya. Thank You Ziya.”

Ziya- “Silly girl, we are best friends. I am always with you. No matter what.”

Rekha- ” After getting married, I didn’t get support like yours from the in-laws, family and even husband though all of them love me, but no one can understand me. I didn’t contact you because I didn’t want to spoil your married life, telling you sad stories.”

Ziya- “Oh dearest! I am so sorry even I got busy with stuffs. I love you bestie. We will always be besties.”

Rekha- “Let’s go to eat. We really talked a lot.”

Both of them, smiling went towards food stall and talking and talking till the party ended.



Ritu Gupta