A group of friends was travelling by train. It was a summer night. They were carrying whiskey with them and wanted to consume it. They called the attendant and asked him to arrange some ice for them. The train had no pantry car, so ice was not easily available. The attendant initially hesitated but the offer of bribe made him somehow arrange the ice for them.

They all enjoyed their drink and wanted more. Moving ahead for next round of whiskey, they wanted more ice. The attendant denied saying he won’t be able to get more. But the guys were reluctant and bribed him more. The attendant again somehow managed ice for them. This continued for 4-5 rounds. Each time the attendant used to refuse firmly but the guys bribed him more and more.

Finally, when asked to manage ice one more time, the attendant said it’s impossible for him to get ice anymore now. They asked the reason for it. The attendant replied, “Sahab! ab aur ice kahan se laun, lash ko to pichhale station par utar diya gaya …..”






She woke up as her daughter screamed out loudly. She ran towards her daughter’s room.

The little girl was sitting at the corner and shivering with fear. She hugged her, “Pinky, Pinky, it’s me! Mom has come! Don’t worry! Calm down! Relax! What happened?

The little girl cried out, “Mumma! There is someone in our house!”

“No Pinky, there is no one! You just had a bad dream! Calm down! I’m here!”

Pointing towards the door the little girl screamed, “Mummmaaa! See! There it is!

She turned back to see a shadow holding a knife.

She hugged her daughter all over and tried to scream out for help, but no words came out of her mouth.

The shadow moved to them slowly and looking into her eyes, it said, “Sometimes, you’ve to listen to little kids! They speak truth!”, and stabbed with the knife into her heart.

“Aaaaahhh!” She squealed.

Her husband woke up and shouted, “Hey! Hey! Relax! May be you had a bad dream! Calm down! Cool!

She looked around, hugged her husband, and mumbled, “Oh! That was a very bad dream!”

She got down the bed and moved towards her daughter’s room. The lithe girl was sleeping. She smiled, kissed her forehead and returned to her bed.

“Where did you go?” her husband asked.

“I just went to have a glance of our daughter, Pinky!”

“What? Are you mad?? We don’t have a daughter”.

Story By

Rajendra Kumar Lal Das

Asstt. Professor (T.U.)