I touched my pocket soon after alighting from the bus and found my wallet missing. I quickly checked all my pockets and realized some pickpocket picked up my pocket taking advantage of the crowded bus. Not that I had lots of money in my pocket but 1,200 is not a small amount for an unemployed person. Also gone was my letter to my mother. First of every month I used to send Rs. 3000 to my mother to help her with her expenses. This month I had no heart to tell her that I lost my job.

I was carrying this letter addressed to my mother with me for last three days. I was trying to put together all my courage to drop the letter but failed to do so for last three days. I cursed myself for my bad luck.

After two days, I received a letter from my mother,

“My little son, you are so nice…you always take care of me so nicely, you never forget to send me money on time. Your old mother is lucky to have a son like you.
Love and blessings,
Your mother” I was confused, shocked, amazed but bit relieved.

Two days later, a letter with its text in crude handwriting came to me and answered all my queries, it read

“Dear brother,
I read your letter and I added Rs. 1,800 on my own and I have sent Rs. 3,000 to your mother. You don’t worry at all.

A mother is mother, be it yours or mine, why should she be hungry.

Your pick pocket brother”

Retold by: Rajendra Kumar Lal Das