• Namaskar

Namaskar is a common form of greeting in countries like Nepal and India. It is also a Yoga mudra too practiced all across the world.  Hence it has deeper significance than just being a gesture of greeting. Greeting people with Namaskar instead of handshake not only prevents from virus and infection transmission but also in spiritual realm, it is said that getting in touch with negative or ill-intentioned people transmit the same kind of energy to a positive person; doing Namaste prevents this to a large extent. There are pressure points in the palms and finger tips which are related with various organs like eyes, nose, mind and so on. We all know that massaging these pressure points have various health benefits. It helps you in anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and even in the Heart problems. There are some pressure points in the palms that help you even in the physical pain like, headache, neck pain, stomach pain, migraine etc. It even helps you in improving your breathing problem. It is scientifically proven that Namaskar benefits your health and mind in various ways. Due to senses being active because of the gesture and your mind is focused; you are going to remember the person for a longer time. Namaskar brings us to the root of the Humanity, away from all ego and negativity.

  • Putting Tika

The spot where tika is applied is where the Ajna Chakra rests. While putting tika, slight pressure is applied to this area. It prevents loss of energy and helps increase concentration level to some extent. Tika also helps person keep calm and relaxed. While doing meditation, we try to keep focused to the same Ajna Chakra. Hence, this is an important part where pressure point lies. This is also called third-eye or sixth sense area. Things like sandalwood and kumkum are cooling in nature. Hence applying tika between eyebrows has significant benefits.

  • Applying Henna

Applying henna on palms, hands, legs and feet which are connected to many nerves act as a relaxing agent for the body as henna has cooling effects. Hence, applying henna prevents stress and nerves from becoming stressed. Henna is a medical herb which has antiseptic properties too. But now a days, people use packed henna containing chemicals which is rather harmful for skin.

  • Wearing Bangles

There are certain pressure points in the wrist area which help maintain hormonal balance. Bangles cause friction with the wrist which increase the blood circulation in that area. Glass bangles are pacifiers and moderators of strong emotions. Bangles are also made up of metals like gold and silver which help in strengthening the bones of the hand wearing them. Due to the friction of gold and silver, it’s believed that the metallic property of these metals enter inside body and have medical benefit to the person wearing them. Glass bangles were found to absorb the goodness and purity from the atmosphere and the elements prevailing in the natural environs around and radiate them on to the wearer.

  • Ringing Bells

Bells produce a distinctive sound that synchronizes with your left and right brain. When bell rings, the high sound produced from it helps in healing process. With the sound of bell, mind becomes empty from thoughts ready to pray and meditate. Also vibration of bell sound destroys bacteria, virus and micro-organisms in the atmosphere.