1. Everest bank was established with the collaboration of:

(A). Central bank of India     (B). Punjab national bank
(C). State bank of India    (D). Habib bank limited




2. Loan loss provision of doubtful loan is equal to:

(A). 15%      (B). 25%      (C). 50%      (D). 75%




3. Nepal Rastra Bank doesn’t supervise:

(A). Development bank      (B). Finance company      (C). cooperative bank      (D) Non of these

Ans: c



4. Money Laundering normally involves……

(A). Placement of funds      (B). Layering of funds      (C). Integration of funds      (D). All of these




5. Numbers of deputy governors are………..

(A). 2      (B). 6      (C). 7      (D). 9




6. Management is a……….

(A). Art      (B). Profession      (C). Art, science and profession      (D). A and B




7. ……….is also kown as key or brain of management.

(A). Top Level      (B). Middle level      (C). Operation level      (D). Intermediate level




8. ……….is also known as father of modern management.

(A). F.W.Taylor      (B). Max Weber      (C). Henry Fayol      (D). Chester Barmard




9. Acid test ratio is also called……….

(A). Quick Ratio      (B). Current Ratio      (C). Debt equity Ratio      (D). Liquidity Ratio




10. Suspence account appearing in the trial balance will be shown in the…….

(A). Balance Sheet      (B). Ledger account      (C). Trading a/c      (D). P/L account

Ans:Comment answer of this question


11. In case of symmetrically distribution of data the condition of mean, median and mode is:

(A). Mean>Median>Mode      (B). Mean>Median<Mode      (C). Mean<Median<Mode      (D). Mean=Median=Mode



12. In 200 meters race, ‘A’ beats ‘B’ by 10 meters, ‘B’ beats ‘C’ by 20 meters and ‘C’ beats ‘D’ by 20 meters. Then ‘A’ beats ‘D’ by……meters.

(A). 55      (B). 45      (C). 50     (D). Non of these




13. A 30% discount reduces the prices of a commodity by Rs.90. if the discount is reduced to 20%.
Then the price pf the commodity will be

(A). 240     (B). 180      (C). 210      (D). 300



14. Which one is the smallest?

(A). 3/4      (B). (3/4)^2      (C). (3/4+3/4)      (D). (3/4+3/4)^2




15. If the cost of 8 pens is Rs.96, how many more pens can be bought for Rs.180?

(A). 4      (B). 5      (C). 6      (D).7




16. Fifth generation computer is also known as?

(A) Knowledge information processing system      (B). Very large scale integration (VLSI)
(C). Both of above      (D). Non of the above




17. Which is the longest key on the keyboard?

(A). Enter key      (B). Tab key      (C). Space bar      (D). Backspace key



18. Home key on the keyboard is used for…

(A). Go home      (B). Go to beginning      (C). Go out      (D). Go to end




19. A program that allows us to do specific task is:

(A). Application software      (B). System software      (C). Operating system      (D). All of these




20. A character has how many bits:

(A).4      (B). 8      (C). 12      (D).16




21. Who had built Hanuman Dhoka?

(A). Pratap Malla      (B). Prachand Dev     (C). Bhupatinda Malla      (D). Bhim Shamsher




22. Who is the Miss Nepal of 2020 ?

(A) Anuska Shrestha      (B) Shrinkhada khatiwada      (C). Namrata Shrestha      (D). Non of these




23. Which district of Nepal have touched the boarders of both countries China and India?

(A). Dharchula and Taplejung      (B). Mechi and mahakali      (C). Dolkha and Mahottari
(D). Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga




24. Who Authored the famous book ‘The Republic”

(A). Aristotle      (B). Plato      (C). Socrates      (D). Aristophanes




25. Which language is spoken by ‘Chepang’?

(A). Praja      (B). Pandi      (C). Jangba      (D) Khamchi