1. In which chapter of anti-money laundering act 2064, there is provision of customer identity and transaction?

A. chapter2   B. chapter   4 C. chapter   3 D.chapter5


2. Who audits the account of NRB?

A.Auditor appointed by NRB   B. Auditor general of Nepal  C. Independent auditor   D. Attorney general


3. Minimum paid up capital requirement for national level development bank is…

A. 3 arab  B. 2.5 arab  3. 3.5 arab   D. 2arab


4. Regulator of money market is…

A. Nepal bank ltd    B. NRB   C. Nepal stock exchange   D. Nepal security board


5. Bank and financial institution act 2073, classify banks and financial institutions into … groups.

A. 4   B.2   C.3   D5


6.According to …, “selection activities predict which job applicant will be successful if hired.”

A. Decenzo and Robbins    B.Werther and Davis   C. Edwin and flippo   D. Gray and starke


7. Which of the following falls under hygiene factor?

A. Company policies   B. Recognition   C. Responsibilities   D. Non of these


8. Rent paid is related to …

A.Personal account   B. Real account   C. share holder’s equity   D. Nominal account


9. According to the … concept, the proprietor is treated as a creditor to the extent of his capital.

A.Revenue recognition   B. Entity concept   C. Money measurement concept   D.Dual aspect


10. Features of government accounting….

A. Absence of profit   B. Based on double entry system   C. based on financial acts and rules   D. All of above


11. Express 16% into fraction in lowest term:

A. 5/20   B. 4/25   C.5/25   D. 8/50


12. Ram and shyam divides Rs.4500 in the ratio of 5:4 respectively, what will be Ram’s share?

A. Rs.2000   B.Rs.3000   C. Rs.2700   D.Rs. 2500


13. In a camp, there is enough food for 500 soldiers for 35 days, if 200 more soldiers joined the camp, how many days will the food last?

A. 20days   B. 25days   C. 30 days   D.40 days


14. The LCM of 22,54,108,135 and 198 is:

A.5940   B.5860   C.5490   D. 5680


15. What decimal of an hour is a second?

A. 0.0025   B.0.0256   C.0.00027   D.0.000126


16. 1 byte= … bits

A. 4   B. 6   C. 8   D.10


17.Initial procedures, when computer start is known as ?

A. Booting   B. Restart   C. Operation   D. Reboot


18. VPN stands for:

A. Virtual private network   B. Video path network   C. Virtual path network   D. Vertical protocol network


19. JAVA is a … language?

A. Operating   B. Secondary   C. Programming   D. Computer


20. Where is the headquarter of Saptari?

A. Siraha   B. Malangwa   C. Rajbiraj   D.Inaruwa


21. Who is the autor of Laxmi Puja book ?

A. Laxmi prasad devkota   B. Lekhnath paudyal   C. BP Koirala   D. Gopal prasad Rimal


22. Which is the smallest metro politan city?

A. Birgunj   B.Pokhara   C. Lalitpur   D. Bhaktapur


23. Where is the headquarter of WTO?

A. Beijizing   B. Paris   C. Jeneva   D. USA


24. Which country is known as the “Land of thousand lakes”?

A. Finalnd   B.Cananda   C. Chile   D. Nigeria


25. Who is known as ” Iron Lady”?

A.Begam Khalid Jiya   B.Margaret Thatcher   C.Benjir Bhutto   D.Monika Lewinski


1.C   2.B   3.B   4.B   5.A   6.A   7.A   8.D   9.B   10.D

11.B   12.D   13.B   14.A   15.C   16.C   17.A   18.A   19.C   20.C

21.B   22.D   23.C   24.A   25.B