1. which is the first country to issue polymer note?

(A) Australia  (B) India  (C) China  (D) USA


2. Which is the first commercial bank in the world?

(A) Bank of England  (B) Swiss Bank  (C) Bank of Barcelona  (D) Bank of Venice


3.Financial structure of Nepal is/are composed of…….

(A) Commercial bank  (B) Development bank  (C) Finance company  (D) All of them


4. NRB issued a directive on consumer protection and financial literacy for all banks and
financial institutions on…….

(A) January 2015  (B) December 2014  (C) April 2016  (D) May 2008


5. Who is the Member Secretary in Management Committee of NRB?

(A) Governor  (B) Deputy Governor  (C) Senior Officer(Designated by Governor)
(D) Secretary Ministry of Finance

6. Which of the following is not the of objective of Human Resource Management?

(A) Goal achievement  (B) Goal harmony  (C) Time management  (D) Quality of work life


7. Who proposed a two factor theory of Motivator-Hygiene?

(A) Fredrick Herzberge  (B) Douglas McGregor  (C) Elton Mayo  (D) Victor Vroom


8. CDD denotes………

(A) Customer Due Delivery  (B) Customer Delivery Due  (C) Customer Due Diligence
(D) Customer Diligence Due


9. How many types of leader behaviour can be found in Path Goal Theory of leadership?

(A) 5  (B) 4  (C) 3  (D) 2


10…..can be defined as a written record of the duties, responsibilities and condition of job

(A) Job Specification  (B) Job Profile  (C) Job Description  (D) All of the above


11. Simplify: 5*8^2/3
(A) 10  (B) 15  (C) 25  (D) 20


12. On selling 17 balls at Rs.720, there is loss equal to the cost price of 5 ball.
The cost price of a ball is:

(A) Rs.50  (B) Rs.60  (C) Rs.40  (D) Rs. 70


13. If x% of y is 100 and y% of z is 200, then find the relation between x and z.

(A) z=2x  (B) 2z=x  (C) 2z=2x  (D) z=x


14. A can do a work in 9 days , if B is 50% more efficient than A,
in how many days can B do the same work?

(A) 3 Days  (B) 13.5 Days  (C) 4.5 days  (D) 6 Days


15.Find the fourth proportion to 2,3,6….

(A) 18  (B) 12  (C) 9  (D) 4


16. Which of the following is/are the types of hardware devices?

(A) Input Devices  (B) Processing Devices  (C) Output Devices  (D) All of them


17.Full form of CRT Monitor.

(A) Cathod Ray Tube  (B) Colour Resolution Tube
(C) Compact Resolution Tube  (D) Character Reader Tube


18. The shortcut …… helps to access the file menu options in the current program.

(A) Alt+F  (B) Alt+S  (C) Clt+F  (D) Clt+S


19. How many types of computer network are there?

(A) 3  (B) 2  (C) 1  (D) 4


20. Computer processor is combination of……

(A) Control Unit  (B) ALU  (C) Both A and B  (C) Non of these


21. Where is the SAARC Agriculture centre is located?

(A) Dhaka  (B) Islamabad  (C) Shrilanka  (D) Nepal


22. Which constituion of Nepal announced the abolition of monarchy?

(A) Interim Constituion, 2063  (B) Constituion of the kingdom of Nepal
(C) Constitution of Nepal, 2072  (D) Government of Nepal Act, 1948


23. What is the current HDI of Nepal?

(A) 0.587  (B) 0.602  (C) 0.701  (D) 0.596


24. Which country launched the world’s first national wise 5G mobile network?

(A) Singapore  (B) Brazil  (C) England  (D) South Korea


25. Which ethnic group perform selo dance?

(A) Tharu  (B) Tamang  (C) Gurung  (D) Satar



1.A   2.D   3.D   4.B   5.C   6.C   7.A   8.C   9.A   10.C
11.D   12.B   13.A   14.D   15.C   16.D   17.A   18.A   19.A   20.C
21.A   22.A   23.B   24.D   25.B