There is lockdown of the whole planet. Except it is moving around the sun in the solar system, it is not working. People are alive, they are breathing but they are imprisoned inside their houses wheresoever. They are not permitted to move out and roam around but they are imprisoned. But many are making the most of it. Staying at home can be taken as one of the positive aspects of this lockdown. Many books were written about what a family life is and how we should stay together at least once a day at dinner time and in the big family, where members are very busy, they are gathering together nowadays. All the families are confined to their homes so they are spending quality time together what earlier they were not doing due to their different lifestyles. Now they are doing exercises, there is family get togethers, they stay together, they cook together, they eat together. So cooking is taking lot of time. Earlier it was considered the jurisdiction of female but now males are coming forward and the net is overloaded with males cooking recopies’ and sharing their pictures. So the family is living together, they are playing games, laughing, sharing jokes. And another positive aspect of lockdown is people are reading lots of books on the net and lots of books in reality and then they are writing. Some have already written a book and some have written blogs, some are expressing their views regarding this particular scenario. Another positive aspect of the lockdown is the absence of pollution because there are no vehicles running on the road so there is no pollution and air is so much clean and people who are staying around 200 km away from the mountains are able to see those mountains every morning with their naked eyes. And another one is relief to the flora and fauna. All the nature, because it is happening in the spring time, new leaves are coming which they might have come even in the situation not present due to lockdown but the real enjoyment is for the animals. All the animals from the forests are coming down on roads and there have been instances in the Europe and in many countries including North India where lots of wild lives have come down from the mountains and forests into the cities. They call it is a different scenario when people are in the prison and animals are free just like animal safari. So these are the few positive aspects of the lockdown that impacts on the humans.

D.P. Singh

Amritsar, India