People who dread dark should know that it is due to the darkness that the light is appreciated, otherwise, if there was light all the time, they’d have gone mad. Everything has 2 sides, dark and light, black and white, negative and positive. Miss one, and you are in for a horrible sight. You can not lit a bulb, for that matter anything, if there’s no negative connection. Optimism and pessimism is another part of this discussion. People say that if you are pessimist, you can stress your self and get sick, be optimistic but I say, everyone should weigh the pros and cons of any thing before jumping to any conclusion. Sometimes, it’s the darker side that is more helpful to achieve your target than to the optimistic nature. The glass is half empty or half full.. is another way of thinking negative or positive. Don’t stress about being negative as it might be harmful to your health but don’t forget that it is a very important part of your life.

Snehsharan Trikha

Panchkula, India