1.What do we called the disturbance factor that lies in communication process?
(A)Noise     (B)Complaint     (C)Decoding     (E)Encoding

2.What is the full form of GAAP:
(A)Generally Accounting Audit Principle     (B)Government Accounting Accepted Principle    
(C)Generally Accounting Accepted Practice     (D)Generally Accepted Accounting Principle

3.Micro economics studies about :
(A)Study of National Income     (B)Study of National Problem    
(C)Study of Economics at Individual Level     (D) All of these

4.According to NRB act 2058 how many members are there in a Board?
(A)9     (B)8     (C)7     (D)5

5.If 25% of 50% of any number is 100. Find the number?
(A)800     (B)700     (C)850     (D)750

6.From below, which is the primary cause of data damage invisibly?
(A)Data Theft     (B)Data Mishandling     (C)Fraud     (D)Virus

7.Which is the largest lake of the world?
(A)Victoria     (B)Huron     (C)Baikal     (D)Caspian

8.How many sub-metropolitan cities are there in Nepal?
(A)14     (B)13     (C)12     (D)11

9.In which province Shuklaphanta WLR is located?
(A)Province6     (B)Province7     (C)Province5     (D) Province4

10.What is the National Sport of Poland?
(A)Football     (B)Volleyball     (C)Rugby     (D)Archery


1.A   2.D   3.C   4.C   5.A   6.D   7.D   8.D   9.B   10.A