Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah

Guru Is Brahma- the Lord of creation, also called as generator, Guru is Vishnu- the Lord of preservation, also called as organizer, Guru is Maheshwara- the Lord of transformation, also called as destroyer. Guru is Parabrahma- which leads to the path of light, I bow to that Guru.
Guru is a Sanskrit word. Gu means darkness and Ru means light; literally Guru is a preceptor who provides with knowledge (light) and destroys ignorance (darkness). Guru Purnima is celebrated on full moon day in the month of Ashad. It’s also the birth anniversary of sage Veda Vyas who is the author of Epic Mahabharat. Buddhists pay respect to Gautam Buddha on this day. It’s said that Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath on this day.

It is said “the future development of a nation truly lies in the hands of good teachers.” Our parents are our first Guru. Our academic teachers, mentors, spiritual guides and sometimes our seniors in professionalism also play role of a Guru. I express my deepest gratitude towards my parents, my teachers from school to college, my guides, mentors and seniors who have always helped embolden me and guide me towards rights, morals and heights. It’s truly because of them and their blessings that I have reached wherever I am and I am confident in their teachings and guidance that I will be on the right path in the coming days too. I will grasp every opportunity to make them proud of me and strengthen their confidence on me. I always feel myself lucky to have their support, love, guidance, trust and blessings on me. Today I want to THANK few people who have really played vital role in my growth in personal and professional life.

First thank goes to my father for trusting me so much. His trust and affection is something that always check me do anything wrong in ego or anger. He inspires me to smile no matter what. My mother’s struggle stories make me stronger and I feel indebt for the culture, manners and confidence she has brought me up injecting.
Secondly, I want to thank the living Goddess Sarswati in my life- my school principal ma’am- Renuka Giri ma’am. It is her confidence in my caliber that brought me to a confident and decent living. She trusted me and supported in the time when everyone else thought I was a hopeless case. I salute her for her kindness, love and solicitude she carries for her students. The patience she holded with me to grow from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly flying is really appreciable. I will remain in debt for her support, solicitude and kindness towards me.

No matter how many times I thank but it will remain less for the support and solicitude of my Guru- The Evergreen Hari Ratna Tuladhar sir. His eyes could see the potential in me when even I could not find myself worth of anything. His solicitude, affection, support and confidence in me made me a self confident person and filled me with “I can do it spirit”. He has been an angel for me since the first day I met him. He didn’t just came as a college principal but I found a real mentor, a guardian and also the most amazing person I have ever met. He is my role model and ideal person too. I remain in debt to him for everything he did and do. I thank him for empowering and trusting me and rewarding with his support and affection.

I want to thank Sadanand Mehta sir- my first manager in banking profession. He played the role of a true mentor, guide and leader introducing me with so many different things and situations and entrusting me that I can handle them all. When I was really unaware of politics and negatives of professionalism, he protected and groomed me for further days. His advices, trust and guidance really helped me like my job the most as if it was my dream job and no job could be better than this.

I also want to thank Deepak Shakya sir, Binay Shrestha, Arvind Shrestha, Sanjay Patel sir, Santosh Karn sir, Dhan Thapa sir and all my teachers from my school days to university studies days.

Last but not the least, I want thank Parmod Pahwa Uncle for his support and solicitude towards me. He is person with magic in his words and a heart full of affection. In the days, when I could not find any way, he kept saying ‘everything will be fine beta’. And I trusted all he said; it kept giving results as well. Talking to him in hard days I realized the power of words and affection and support is much higher than one can imagine. He trusted me that I can solve everything and so did I till the date. He brought the best in me through his words and treated me like his child. He was always there for me with all ears. I Thank him for everything; life would not have been so easy without his words and support. I still remember the day, when I had a bad fight with a person; everybody and everything seemed against me except him; he was with me; all again came in my favor in no time.

I thank all my Gurus who contributed their support, affection, trust, solicitude and positivity in my life. I realize the significance of both the punishment and the appraisal. I am thankful to all the Gurus as

• They educate, guide, inform and teach.
• They listen, coach and mentor.
• They are quiet heroes.
• They help under achievers fly.
• They help reveal our skills.
• They simplify the complex.
• They teach not just syllabus but life skills too.
• They can see where we need to improve when often we cannot.
• They stimulate our personal and professional growth.
• They become our role model.
• They encourage, inspire, motivate and trust us.
• They improve way of thinking and acting.
• They help us become better version of ourselves.

I expect every Guru and well wishers to support me and bless me in the coming days too; life time. Love you all. I express my gratitude from the deepest of my heart.


Ritu Gupta