1. Which country’s currency is Taka?
  • Bangladesh
  1. Which country provides the largest volume of diamond in the world?
  • South Africa
  1. Which is the biggest shipping canal in the world?
  • Suez Canal
  1. Which is the world’s largest lake?
  • Caspian sea
  1. Which planet has its orbit closest to that of earth?
  • Venus
  1. What is the unit of power?
  • Killowatt
  1. What is the relative position of moon, earth and sun during a lunar eclipse?
  • The sun and moon are in opposition
  1. Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?
  • India
  1. What is the currency of Saudi Arabia called?
  • Riyal
  1. If 20 articles cost Rs.90, then the cost of 9 articles?
  • 40.50