Muslims are having almost last week of holy fasting month of the Ramadan and end the month Muslims will celebrate Eid . But due to the corona virus crises it is duty of Muslim community to celebrate it as simple as  possible. This pandemic don’t respect boundaries, creed, religion and language. Staying home avoiding gathering is the only way forward until vaccine and suitable medicine are available in the market. Availability of medicine might take bit of time. It is duty of the Muslim community like other ones to avoid gatherings and unnecessary visit of markets. Even it is nice to pray at home and not going to mosques. Make your home into mosque masjid . May be any carrier who comes at masque or in market can spread corona virus to others.

Majority of the developing countries do not have good medical systems to meet the challenge. Saving one life mean saving whole humanity and killing one mean killing whole humanity. Muslim community has to act according to this education. At times people do not know having virus; specially did not have temperature, cough or flu but can spread corona virus . Who knows effected one is either me or you. So celebrate Eid mubarak simply by avoiding unnecessary shopping. It is being observed that even after announcing relaxation in lock down in Pakistan, majority of the people including families and specially kids without masks are running to market in huge numbers. It is totally insane. No one is willing to respect set SOPs by the government of the day.

Celebrating Eid doesn’t mean to put the lives of your loved ones at risk. One can celebrate without wearing  brand new garments and other castly articles. It is not the end of the world. A lot of Eid will come in our lives. Praying at home avoiding gatherings, having simple Eid mubarak is not against the Islamic education. If you still have extra money because of avoiding shopping, charity it to needy one. May your this act enable them to join celebrations of Eid. 


Anas Butt

Lahore Pakistan