It was a beautiful garden, greenery, flowers, fountains, friends, couples, children, drinks, food and celebration around.  Ziya was sitting all alone quietly at one corner gazing at the people and things going on but she wasn’t involved into them actually.  She didn’t look happy or sad, excited or dull rather quiet and drawn. Om reached her and sat nearby and smiled at her catching her attention. She looked at him but expressionlessly. She sat still.

Ziya and Om did not know each nor they introduced themselves here.

Om (softly) : Its ok. Things will be fine. Don’t worry.

Ziya (softly) : Hmmm

Om : Actually you did right. But still you are feeling unsure and caught by the moment. There is only one reason that is pushing you into a bit of confusion and lots of questions.

Ziya (softly) : What’s that one thing?

Om (softly) : Just eliminate the aggression. That’s it! The feeling irritates you and hurts you. Others comment on you and you feel more off.

Ziya (softly) : Why are they not ready to see and act right? They do it unseen and unmentioned, why ?

Om (softly) : Maybe because they lack confidence to fight for the right or they must have some expectations which they think the right can’t address.

Ziya ( softly) : I know. It still hurts. I don’t want to change them or blame them. But why should I suffer. I can’t compromise with the truth either.

Om (softly) : Never compromise. Not everyone can do what you do. But just don’t say it or do it aggressively. It will hurt you back. Not everyone has a golden heart like you.

Ziya (softly) : I know. (still expressionless)

Om (smiling) : Do it but gently, say it but decently, express it but softly. You will be happy and proud of yourself. There will be no questions from anywhere, anyone. All you do is great. Just….. (He paused)

He holds her hand first softly and then trying to console her, pressed it gently showing compassion and trust. His eyes were honest and smile was soothing. His voice was confident and suggestion was convincing.

Ziya (peacefully) : Thank you!

She finally smiled back. She felt like it was the perfect answer to her questions. She was now satisfied both with her decision and the circumstances.

Both kept gazing at each other with soothing smiles and sparks in eyes.

Someone from the party : Ziya come let’s dance!

Ziya : Yeah, coming.

She looked around but Om had gone. She searched for him in the party but he was gone…….. She didn’t even know his name.