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Code 201 Menuka kumari chaudhary

Digital money exhibit properties similar to traditional currencies, but generally do not have a physical form, unlike currencies with printed bank notes or minted coins. This lacks physical form which allows nearly instantaneous transactions over the internet and removes the cost associated with distributing notes and coins.
Despite all you’ve heard about data beaches using a digital wallet can be more secure than replying on credit cards and digital money is not safer but a lot more secure most banks and financial institutions will offer the transfer of money via electronic means. This means that the bank cannot trace the money back to you. Another reason that digital money is better than cash is because it is very easy to track.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has impacted the lives of individual worldwide, both professionally and personally. Although we look forward to a time post COVID-19 ,there may be long- term on global economies and digital payments industry as a whole Intact, it is expected that there will be a short term drop in payment activity whilst economies in lockdown have been forced to slow-down but at the same time ,because exchanging cash could transmit the corona virus, many countries are reconsidering the use of cash and turning to digital payments.
So, in my point of view digital payment are more important now, than ever before. The global spread of COVID-19 has given the world a push to relook how payment are handled and moving more towards the future of digitization previously, older generation might not have consideration using  online payment but now they are being forced to find other way of making payment, especially international payment.
✍🏻 Menuka kumari chaudhary

Code 202 Roshan Soni

Digital money or digital currency is any form of money or payment that exists and stored in electronic form on digital computer over internet.

Digital money is a intangible money that exist purely in a digital form. Digital money can be more secure than using cash especially in the present situation of country due to influence of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, It’s risky to go out of home to pay various utility bill and hence digital money can be use to pay those utilities using digital money through digital wallet like e-sewa, khalti etc.

In this technical era digital money is widely used by the banks, school, hospital etc.

Roshan Soni.
Birgunj 16

Code 203 Aman Agrawal

The Digital Money refers to an operation that takes place online between the two people, organization or businesses. Here are some types of cashless transactions that can be used in day-to-day life such as E-wallets, net banking, IMPS and debit cards, etc.

People around the world have been affecting by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the cashless transaction is able to reduce the spread of the virus as e-payment is contactless. The e-payment system has advantages and disadvantages; it is able to help the government to collect taxes more accurately.

At last, I want to say “Future of all Monetary transaction is Cashless”

AMANAGRAWAL                                                                                                                                                         BBA V,  Birgunj Institute of management                                                                                                                 Birgunj, Nepal

Code 204 Muskan Shrestha

 Any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form is known as digital money. Digital money is not tangible like dollar bill or a coin. Digital money is exchanged using technologies such as smartphone, credit cards and the internet.

 Using contactless payment methods and shopping digitally online reduces the risk of virus transmission through the handling of physical cash. The recent covid-19 pandemic has shown the world that it needs to do everything it can to create an environment where the spread of the diseases can be contained. Switching to digital money is a simple and productive change to solve this problem. Digital money is powered by electronic systems that never stop working, meaning that you can access your money 24 hours a day , seven days a week rather than waiting for the opening hours of a bank branch.

To sum up, nowadays digital money became main method of payment. It give freedom to consumers to make purchase and manage their money when they wanted to, even in any critical situation like curfew or quarantine without going to bank.

Muskan Shrestha

Code 205 Anjali Kurmi

Digital money is a form of currency that is available only in digital or electronic form, not in physical form. Any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form is known as digital money. It is not tangible like a dollar bill or a coin.

Digital money is becoming more common because of the convince and independence that it offers. It has various advantages. Specially in today’s pandemic, it is play very essential role for the convinience of people. It is safer for the people who are wanting social distance. It is faster payment system as well as more secure system. It prevents gathering of people. One can deal with the banking transactions from home. It promotes digitilization.

Therefore, we can say that digital money is the currency that is truly  digital in nature. It can also be transferred into physical cash for example by withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Anjali Kurmi
Roll no- 09
BBA 5th semester
Tejaroth tole, Birgunj

Code 206 Kanchan Kumari

Any form of money that is intangible and electronic, and uses computers to lessen or eliminate the use of tangible money is referred to as Digital Money or Digital Currency.

Digital money can be transacted through credit cards, smartphones, and online cryptocurrency exchanges and requires no involvement of physical currency. In these dire circumstances, where human-to-human interactions are to be kept at a bare minimum, Digital Money can help achieve it.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Dogecoins are trending hot topics today and have been touted as the future of transactions, which goes on to say what future Digital Money holds.

Kanchan Kumari Karn
Malangawa, Sarlahi
BBA-5th Sem, BPC

Code 207 Mehraj Ansari

Digital money (electronic money or electronic currency) is any currency, money, or money-like asset that is primarily managed, stored or exchanged on digital computer systems, especially over the internet. Types of digital currencies include cryptocurrency, virtual currency and central bank digital currency.

A few years ago, the use of the digital platform for transactions was a lot less and quite limited. But the trend of using cash as a method of payment is gradually changing and shifting to digital transactions which makes me believe that the future of transactions is a cashless payment method and Nepal is moving towards becoming a cashless society. A cashless payment method utilizes digital platforms like QR (Quick Response) code or mobile banking and credit or debit cards for monetary transactions. There was a 35% increase in the number of users of e-Sewa bringing the user base to 3.5 million people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic whereas there was a 25% increase in the number of users of IME Pay between March and August 2020.

One of the major reasons for people to shift to a cashless payment method is the fear of transmission of the coronavirus through physical money. It is believed that the disease can stay on cash for days.

Name :- Meraj Ansary
Address :- Pragatinagar

Code 208 Anjita Basnet

Digital money is currency in digital form. Digital money can be transferred using electronic payment system like NEFT, ECS and credit/debit card payment.
The pandemic is affecting the way people interact with money; how much we spend, what we buy etc. digital payment have promoted efficiency and effectiveness as well as benefits such as decreasing costs, promoting, transparency and saving time.

The world is more reliant cashless so digital money reduces cash payment and associated risk. The contactless nature of digital payment is more notable benefit as the COVID-19 pandemic for social distancing.

Anjita Basnet

Code 209 Prerna Gupta

Digital money or digital currency , is any form of money or payments that exist only in electronic forms.
While the impacts of pandemic have have been severe ,there is also an opportunity for Nepal to pursue this digitalization in all spheres of services delivery. After the pandemic hit or during COVID-19 lockdown or safety pushed almost every business and services provider to automate their process digitally.

As a conclusion, it is playing a vital role  during this pandemic, for controlling over the cases. The impact of COVID-19 have been severe but  one silver lining is the chance to maximize the opportunities provided by digitization for  better livelihoods.

Name: prena gupta
BBA 5th semester

Code 210 Januka Basnet

Any money or payment system which is exchanged through electronic form is known as digital money ( electronic money). It is intangible in nature.

The key advantages includes ease, convenience, safety and speed. One can exchange money to anyone around the world using mobile phones, computer, credit cards etc. It facilitates automatic and fast transactions. Since the payments are not transparent and require verification people feel safer to use digital money also digital wallet e.g. E-sewa, Khalti, IME, etc.  which are common services in Nepal.

Due to this Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is implemented all over the world affecting education, businesses, health services, banking, etc. Digital money has become more important in Year 2020 and 2021 since it is safer for social distancing. It exterminates the need to go banks for every single transactions. People can pay utility service bills, businesss can do e-commerce and heath workers and bankers can save time by using digital money.

Thus, I would like to request everyone there to use digital money at least for this pandemic situation. There are various other detailed information and guidelines in YouTube and other SNS which can help to learn about digital money.

Be safe and healthy
Januka Basnet
BBA 5th, BPC
Shreepur, Birgunj

Code 211 Sanjiwani Patel

Digital money, also known as digital currency or crypto currency, is a new and upcoming way of storing value. Unlike traditional currency which can be transferred to paper money from a bank account, digital money is entirely digital with only a number as an indication of value. The currency is often used by utilizing a digital wallet that can be accessed from devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Payments in digital currencies are made straightforwardly between the executing parties without the need for any go-betweens, so the exchanges are generally momentary and require a lower cost. Digital money based electronic exchange likewise get the fundamental record keeping. There are several more advantage like fraud protection, simpler international payment.

Now, it’s time to conclude  by saying that today’s time is totally dependent on digitalisation. Digital money is simply a digital form of money that you cannot touch but can use it for several things.

Name-sanjiwani patel
Address-tejarath tole

Code 212 Bishal Patel

Digital money is one innovative technology that moves the transaction from the physical to the digital world.
Digital money is not tangible and is accounted for any transaction are performed online using computer .digital money can exchanged using credit card ,the internet and the smart phone. It can also be turned into physical money like in the case of an ATM.

Digital money play important role during covid -19 crisis it help to make payment ease and speed of completing the transation and it is the best way to make payment in this crisis and due to digital platform

1.there is no need to stand in these long queues outside the ATM.

2.No worry about the cash outs during covid -19 crisis

3.No more waiting for the cheque to get credited .

4.No risk of carrying currency in the wallet…

Name:Bishal patel

Code 213 Neha Chaudhary

Digital money is  the form of money or payment that exists only in electronics form. It  isn’t tangible like a dollar bill or a coin. It is accounted for and transferred using computers. It can be exchanged using credit card, internet and smartphone and also turned into physical money like in the use of an ATM.

The benefits of digital money is the case and the speed of completing the transaction . The users of digital payment enjoy more flexibility in making payment and the payment processed through secured server.

It has major impact on the economy of the country as the reduction in the use of cash will help reduce the grey economy and also prevent money laundering and  increase the tax compliance which will at the end benefits the customer in the long run .

Neha chaudhary

Code 214 Shristi Karn

Digital money or Digital currency, is any form of money or payment that exists only in electronic form. Types of digital currencies include crypto currency, virtual currency and central bank digital currency.

These types of currencies may be used to buy physical goods and services, but may also be restricted to certain communities such as for use inside an online game .Digitalization in banking does not only mean online banking, internet banking, mobile banking or paperless banking rather it is the application of new technologies to transform the existing banking business model into a new banking business model.

Lately, many new such apps have been launched to make the digital payment system easier.T hey have made the digital transaction successfully effortless. Undoubtedly, the list of digital payment options in Nepal is vividly growing too.

Digital money experience easy day-to-day transactions and avoid erratic schedules with a couple of taps or a quick QR code scan.

The current pandemic scenario has encouraged the use of mobile wallets more as it includes no physical contact. This unprecedented time has encouraged people to deliver most of the essential things at home. With digital money, one can avoid coming in contact with the delivery person and prevent being infected.

✍🏻Shristi karn

Code 215 Ansu Sharm

Digital money or electronic money is any  money-like asset that is primarily managed, stored or exchanged on digital computer systems.

Digital money  is intangible and accounted  for the transaction are performed online through internet, smartphones etc. In the present condition due to COVID-19 it can be use easily. As we know that due to lockdown we can’t go out of home and pay the bills  like electricity bill, WiFi bill, water bill etc. so to make  it payment we can operate the e sewa ,prabhu pay etc.

It is one innovative technology so it can be used by everyone. It is used by mainly organisations like bank hospital etc.

Anshu Sharma
Birgunj 12

Code 216 Priyanka Soni

The means of payment that exists in purely electronic from is called digital money. Electonic money or digital money is not tangible and is accounted for and the transactions are performed online using computers. Digital money can be exchange using credit cards, and smartphones.

One of the important of using electronic cash is the fast pace with which the money gets circulated. the ongoing COVID_19 pandemic has made the need for digital money greater than ever. It has forced consumer to access their funds and use banking services only through digital channel. While an individual gets to witness the direct benefits of cashless transactions, there are a lot of indirect benefits that have a greater significance.
Digital money is uses encryption to generate money and to verify transactions. It has various advantages like secure, trustful and transparent digital currency.

Name: priyanka sony
Address:BBA 5th BPC

Code 217 Rita Kumari

Digital money is any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form. The most successful and widely used form of digital money is the cryptocurrency  Bitcoin.

As human, it’s in our nature to adapt and evolve as we face hardships. And with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, we’ve had to evolve how we earn, spend and save money. For instance, despite travel being discouraged and government imposing mandatory quarantines and social distancing orders, many people found ways to continue socializing working, payments digitally. While people turned to video calls to socialize and companies adopted virtual options for remote work, many people also began using digital money solutions instead of traveling to a physical bank branch to keep themselves nd their families safe from COVID-19 exposure risks.

When it comes to money, people want more convenience, control and value from their financial services. There are five ways digital money can improve the lives of people around world. They are as given below:
1. More freedom
2. More independence
3. More speed
4. More safety
5. More connectivity

Name: Rita Kumari

Code 218 Anjali Gupta

Digital money is a currency that exists purely in digital form. Most of the digital money owned in the world is owned by banking .

The adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are trickling down to major sectors of the Indian economy , with manufacturing ,auto ,retail, aviation and hospitality  bearing the brunt of the lockdown . This in turn has affected fast growing digital payment s which are closely linked to the aforementioned sectors. Digital payment volume declines are seen in airlines, tourism, hospitality, hotel, entertainment , e-commerce and restaurants, among other sector.

Name -Anjali Gupta
Address-Murli 12 birgunj

Code 219 Bikesh Kumar Sah

Digital money have become a hot topic as of late. There have been many online payment gateway in Nepal like as sewa, khalti, imepay etc

According to the government, lockdown is defined as an emergency protocol that is implemented by the authorities TO prevent people from leaving their homes or a particular area.The lockdown, one of the social isolation restrictions, has been observed to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital payment is undoubtedly fast efficient and time saving, the road of a digital payment community. It is also improve the technology  of digital payment system in Nepal

 NAME – Bikesh Kumar sah
Address BBA 5th sem BPC

Code 220 Roshan Kumar Giri

Digital Money is any form of money or payment that exists only in electronic form. It lacks a tangible form such as a bill, check, crypto-coin. It is accounted for transferred using electronic codes in computers.

As we know because of COVID-19 the businesses of whole world has gone into a big loss in 1st wave.
Then that pandemic has shifted consumers & businesses towards a digital payment to avoid losses with some additional benefits :-

• Good for social distance.

• No need to visit banks for transaction during corona period.

• Fast transaction.

In my view Nepal Government should remove the ban on Cryptocurrency, then after our country will also compete with developed countries. Because, In future there is no currency without Cryptocurrency.

✍🏻 Roshan Kumar Giri

Code 221 Sapana Kushwaha

Digital money or digital currency is any form of money or payment that exists only in electronic form. Digital money is not tangible like a dollar bill or a coin. It is accounted for and transferred using computer. Digital  money is exchanged using technology such as  smartphones, credit card and online exchanges.

 Digital payment allow people to access goods and service while in quarantine or social distancing . they  can not need to physically touch anything other than their goods when shopping in the store  . Digital payment method are convenient and transaction are faster. Digital payment are transparent, can make accounting  more accurate and help simplify your sales auditing process.

There’s no better time than the present than to invest in digital payment solution. the shift toward digital financial service already helping societies advance financial inclusion before the pandemic started, benefiting many low income households and small farms.

Name:- sapna kushwaha

Code 222 Mamta Patel

Any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form. Digital money is not tangible like a dollar or a coin. It is accounted for and transferred using computer. digital money is exchange using technologies such as smartphones, credit cards, and online cryptocurrency exchange.

In the running era, digital money has played great role to stop the spread of Corona virus. As there are several benefit of digital money such as lower transaction fees, long distance transaction, No chargeback, Faster receipt of fund than through legacy financial institution, No inflation, Greater trust with your customers.
Similarly, digital money is a hand free money which has support not to spread the corona virus and help to keep the social distance during Corona virus.it is the easiest and safe way to transaction of money due to which we easily can buy and sell goods at any time and any where.

Thus, to sum up, in my view I would like to say that it is just like a medicine of Corona virus which has helped people to be safe and to protect the entire world from the Corona virus.

Mamta Patel
BBA 5th sem.

Code 223 Anchal Jha

Digital money is also known as Digital currency which is any form of money or payment that exists only in electronic form. Digital money lacks a tangible form such as bill, check, or coins. Digital money is exchanged using technologies such as smart phones, credit cards, and online crypto currency exchanges.

Financial services companies facilitate digital money transfers and foster online transactions between complete strangers across long distances. Without digital money, many online retail websites would operate much less efficiently. Digital money also makes it possible to bank online or via smart phone, eliminating the need to use cash or to visit a bank in a person in this pandemic. Banks have been able to keep their cost of business lower thanks to digital money since they do not need to pay rent on as many physical locations keep paying for retail employees they don’t need.

The habit of banking and conducting other transactions from home increased  after Covid-19 as social distancing became the norm due to fears of infection. At the same time, digital payment infrastructure is up and running, which allowed people to easily switch from paying cash to paying electronically .More people took to digital payments during the any season due to cash back  offers and schemes.

Name: Aanchal Jha
Address: Adarshtole-3, Birgunj

Code 224 Pragya Karn

Digital currency is any currency that’s available exclusively in electronic form. Different modes of digital money are banking cards, mobile banking, online banking, ips connect, mobile wallets, etc. Digital currency enables direct payments between payees and payors and eliminates infrastructure costs, intermediaries, and processing costs.

Digital currency has the potential to completely change how society thinks about money. Digital money has lots of benefits such as faster payments,24/7 access, support for the unbanked and underbanked, unleash the potential of e-commerce, safe mode of payment etc. Moreover, it’s a programmable money that is playing vital role in current situation of pandemic and lockdown. The global spread of COVID-19 has given the world a push to relook how payments are handled and moving more towards the future of digitization. Digital money also have some disadvantages such as takes effort to learn how to use them, blockchain transactions can be expensive, forgery, etc.

Digitalization has revolutionized money and payments systems. So no doubt digital payments are more important now, than ever been before as it doesn’t stops the regular economic activities of people during lockdowns as well.

Pragya karn
BPC college