Being ambitious is not a bad thing, but be on your own. Not firing a gun on someone’s shoulder or taking advantage of someone else’s actions. I have seen people who have a longing to reach the height, but they reach their destination by making a ladder to someone, that is, they do not work hard.  A person without any aim or goal is like a ship without destination. It does not mean that we should not be ambitious but the aim should be such that can be achieved. You have nothing in your pocket and you are thinking about buying a property property worth crores. This is ill ambition.  Avoid such thoughts. You may be ambitious and aspire for something.  It is now up to you how you achieve your goals.  If you want to leave a mark on the society, you should have to be careful about what you are doing to fulfill your aspirations.  But if you just want to reach the goals by hook or crook, no one will respect you in life. So, be careful, aspire but don’t be over ambitious!

Snehsharan Trikha

Panchkula, India